The Perfect Youtube Thumbnail Size And Best Practices


Sometimes a small step opens many big doors of success in our lives. We all have to believe that the first step in growing up is always small. Small things always carry big things. Now let’s come to the main discussion, which is the perfect YouTube thumbnail. Thumbnail for youtube, thumbnail on youtube, thumbnail on youtube, whatever you want to know, we will describe you “The Perfect Youtube Thumbnail Size And Best Practices” here.

Data shows that millions of people access YouTube every day. And in this case, if you have a YouTube channel, then knowing about the YouTube thumbnail is very important for you. Because the YouTube thumbnail is very important for coming up in the YouTube video rankings and even for people to attract to your video, if you are a YouTuber or are thinking of starting youtube, then don’t miss this article that’s for your next step.

What is a youtube thumbnail?

What is a youtube thumbnail

You can create a youtube thumbnail if you don’t know what a youtube thumbnail is, but you can’t create an attractive youtube thumbnail which is bad for your youtube channel.

Before watching a video on Youtube, the first image we can see above is known as a Youtube thumbnail. People are attracted to watch the video and click on the video. Create thumbnails that attract people to watch videos on YouTube.Creating a YouTube thumbnail with a low idea doesn’t appeal to people.

You need to consider the YouTube platform differently to know the YouTube thumbnails in detail.

The importance of youtube thumbnails

Do not look at the appearance of something and check its inner condition. But in, in the case of the YouTube platform, it has shown us a completely different picture. All you need to do is make sure your video gets a lot of views. Also, you always want your video to be in the ranking position in the YouTube search list. And a nice YouTube thumbnail can help you with all these things. Just as a YouTube thumbnail can elevate a video to increase views, it can also cause your video to be unseen.

When YouTubers upload a video, youtube collects some pictures from there to use youtube as a thumbnail.YouTube does not charge YouTubers for completing this automatic thumbnail. But YouTube authorities also have the option to create their custom thumbnail for YouTubers.The better youtube can create a thumbnail, the more views the YouTube video gets.

For example, if you think of a youtube video as chocolate, then the youtube thumbnail is the chocolate shell. So you can understand how important a YouTube thumbnail is. So let’s take a look now and learn how to make a beautiful and accurate, good, looking youtube thumbnail.

Types of youtube thumbnail

Some most popular thumbnails are discussed here.

Firstly, Let’s talk about personalized thumbnail images, Which means you don’t have to take any kind of limited image from your video; you can create your thumbnail image. You can create your own personalized thumbnail image graphics for better video representation. One thing to keep in mind when creating a thumbnail is that it should be used as a key point in the interpretation of your video as a title.

Secondly, talk about the youtube thumbnail, which uses images From Your YouTube Video. This method is the simplest and simplest method. Most of the new YouTubers use this method early on. The method is that when you create a YouTube video, the YouTube authorities will collect some still images from that video. Youtube authorities use the images later as your Youtube video thumbnail. If you don’t want the images which Youtube authorities have selected from your video, all you can do is come to a certain place in the video and give a still image. Next youtube authority section, that image will be used as a thumbnail of your youtube.

Third, let’s talk about YouTube thumbnails created by combining video images and graphic images. This is the most beautiful and best way to create youtube thumbnails. Because here, Combining the above two explanations creates a thumbnail. Here you can make a thumbnail that is like a thumbnail youtube video.

Youtube thumbnail size

Now we will talk about the size of a youtube thumbnail or what is the size of a youtube thumbnail, or what is of the youtube thumbnail size or thumbnail youtube size is is, whatever you say. It is very important to know the YouTube thumbnail size before starting a YouTube video.

In the current context, we all hope to learn something good from YouTube.We all hope that there will be good videos behind a good thumbnail. This is the small type of picture that is shown above the video. It is often seen that the number of clicks on a video depends on the thumbnail of that video.

I am repeatedly clicking on a video if they get a good and accurate video behind a good thumbnail. So I request you to take a closer look at the pictures below. Here is the exact size of the thumbnail on YouTube, Which has been set by the YouTube Authority Section.



This means you need to keep your YouTube thumbnail short and simple. According to last year’s chart, we can see that over a billion people have mobile views on YouTube videos. We need to avoid short words and blurry pictures because the text is too short for mobile users. So we can’t artificially make our precious thumbnails artificially smart. We always have to give it a natural look.

Color contrasting and attention to the Logo

This is a very important issue. Here you have to have an idea about which color to use as opposed to which color. Most of the mobile views are on youtube videos; for that, you have to contrast the color with the color opposite to the color and your Logo.


Pay special attention to allocation. Allocation This means adding your Logo to the thumbnail of the video. You will not be able to place the Logo in a place that will create problems for viewers. If I do that, then your video will look very unprofessional. Of course, it will be harmful to your youtube video.

Incoherent and puzzling picture

None of us like irrelevance. As a YouTuber, you must create some things that benefit people, And you just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. No thumbnail or Logo can be used in your video which isn’t shown or mentioned.


From the above information, we can see how important the role YouTube thumbnail plays for video marketing. Every day on the youtube platform, YouTubers upload many videos for 500 hours or more.YouTube thumbnail plays a very important role for YouTubers in being on the search list on YouTube beyond all videos. Subscriptions, likes, and comments depend on YouTube thumbnails; it can also be said that in some cases. We also wanted you to know that from Google, you will get many youtube thumbnail downloaders or thumbnail youtube makers. You can use them too if you want. We hope you find the above descriptions useful for your YouTube channel.

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