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Mamunsblog.com Terms and Conditions


Welcome to Mamunsblog.com also here referred to as “us”, “we” or Mamuns Blog. As an online Freelancer blogging platform here are our terms and condition that will govern your use and access to our platforms such as sub-domains, mobile apps, sites, tools, and services. Using our websites is an indication that you agree to our terms of operation (User Agreement). The User Agreement will be effective in the use of Mamunsblog.com. Do not use, access, or register with us if you do not agree with our User Agreement.

The Website has the right to alter or modify these terms and conditions without any prior notice and the changes can be effective without any notification. Ensure that you visit our terms and conditions frequently to be updated in case of any changes. Continuing to use the Website will indicate that you are aware of the changes and willing to abide by them.

Website Use Conditions.

Your Account

To access some Mamunsblog.com services, you may be required to sign up for an account or provide details necessary to the completion of account creation. We may, at our absolute discretion, nullify your password and/or username without prior announcement and we will not be accountable for any losses arising from such validation.

As our site user, you will be responsible to maintain the privacy of your account details or any related information. Once you accept our Terms and Conditions, you agree to be liable for the security of your Mamuns Blog account and ensure you take the necessary steps to keep your account safe from misuse. You are required to notify us instantly with reason to trust in case there is any unauthorized use of your account details. You accept and admit the use of the Mamuns Blog Website and associated services through your username and password and will be regarded as your authorization. Whether approved or not, you agree that you will be liable for the access and use of our services at any time using your information. You accept that you will be permitted to hold you responsible for any activities on our Website. You agree to be liable to any losses arising from the access to Mamuns Blog website through the use of your details.

Please make sure that you provide correct and complete personal details. You can access your account at any time and update your details. In case there is any information that you are unable to update through the access of your account, without hesitation, contact our customer care for assistance. Without prior notice, we have the right to terminate accounts, deny access to our website or correct content. In our discretion, we may request an update on your details or directly invalidate your account or details related to with no prior notice and we will not be responsible or liable for any resultant losses from such validation. For this reason, you accept to ensure your account is secure and change the password regularly and you will be responsible for the disclosure (whether legal or not) of your account information.


Please review Mamuns Blog Privacy Notice, it also governs the use of the website. We will treat the personal information that you provide or from your Website use as confidential, according to the Privacy Notice. If you do not accept the use of your personal information as stated on the Notice, refrain from accessing and using our website.

Consistent Site availability

We will ensure the Website access is error-free, consistent, and uninterrupted. However, this can be affected by the nature of the Internet. Moreover, we may suspend the access occasionally to allow maintenance, repairs, or when introducing new facilities with no prior notice. We will make sure that we limit the duration and frequency of such restrictions or suspensions.

Authorization to Site Access

Accessing the website is a confirmation that you can enter legal contracts therefore you need to be over 18 years old or your access be supervised by a parent or guardian. We grant the user revocable, non-exclusive, and non-transferable license in using mamunsblog.com according to the stated Terms and Conditions for shopping of personal services and products sold on our Website. Unless we allow it in advance, we prohibit commercial use or the user on behalf of any given third party. If registering as a commercial entity, you indicate to have the power to bind your business entity with this Agreement and both of you will follow the relevant laws that relate to E-commerce. Registering as a member of the Mamuns Blog website for any business entity or person is only once. Violation of the Terms and Conditions of Mamuns Blog will result in the immediate withdrawal of the authorization granted here without any notice.

The content on this Website is only to provide information. Product representations such as available stock, price, add-ons, features, and any details are for the accountability of vendors that display them and we do not guarantee them accurate. Opinions expressed on the mamunsblog.com site are for the individuals and do not reflect our Company’s opinions.

We allow you limited access and personal use of the Website, but we prohibit download or modification of the Website or any part of it in any way that does not involve commercial use or resale of the contents in this Site; any use or collection of products listed; prices; descriptions; any imitative use of the website content; any copying or downloading of account details to benefit another seller; or using data mining, robots, or similar information collecting and extraction tools.

The content in this Site should not be duplicated, reproduced, copied, exploited, or distributed for any commercial reasons unless with the written consent by Mamunsblog.com

You should not use any framing methods to enclose any logo, trademark, or any given proprietary data such as page layout, forms, text, or images without our consent. Do not use any text or Meta tags to utilize our trademark or name without our written consent. Any illegal use will terminate the permission we grant you to access our platform without prior warning. Do not use our trademark, proprietary graphic, or logo for any commercial purposes without Mamuns Blog written consent, applicable.

You accept to not perform any restricted activities as listed in this section. Involvement in these activities will lead to instant cancellation of your existing transactions that are not complete, account and for severe cases, it can lead to legal actions.

Refusing to comply with our Terms and Conditions or policies and guidelines relating to using the Website.

Using the Website for unlawful purposes.

Impersonate any entity or person or misrepresent or falsely state your relationship with any entity or person.

Attempting unauthorized access, or disrupting any computer systems connected to our services or platform.

Interfere with any user’s enjoyment and using the Website.

Promote, transmit, or post prohibited materials on the website according to the laws of Bangladesh.

Upload or use of any material or software that may have viruses, malicious codes or damaging components that may harm the device of other people using mamunsblog.com

Your conduct

Do not use the Site in any way that is likely to lead to impairing or damaging it. Avoid engaging in activities that can potentially harm the Website, its employees, representatives, stakeholders, officers, or any party that is indirectly or directly related to the Site. You are aware that you are liable for the electronic content and communications sent to us through your device. You are prohibited to use the Website for deceitful reasons, or any illegal activities to use, reuse or send any material that is unlawful, deceptive, abusive, misleading, blasphemous, harassing, obscene, indecent, defamatory, pornographic, libellous, menacing or pedophilic; breaching of trademark, copyright, confidentiality, and privacy of information and any other materials that can injure third parties or any spam.

Use the Website for legal purposes only us intended by Mamunsblog.com

Your Submission

Any information that you provide to us or submit to the Website (including and not limited to reviews, suggestions, comments, and questions) will be our exclusive property and you will not claim it back. Adding to the applicable right to any of your Submissions, in events where you post reviews or comments to the Website you allow us to use the info you submit. Do not use a false mail address, use a false identity in the Submissions. We have the right to edit or remove any Submission with no prior notice.

Claims against unpleasant content

We list lots of products by multiple sellers on mamunsblog.com and host numerous comments, for this reason, it is impossible to track the content of each seller, displayed comments and reviews. Hence our Site operates based on “claim, assessment, and takedown”. If you notice any content on our Website that is unlawful according to the rules of Bangladesh, contact us immediately and we will use all practical means to investigate and get rid of objectionable and unpleasant content as soon as possible.

In such cases, please make sure to provide your address, name, contact details, and any relevant information regarding the claim including the name of the unpleasant content party, cases of the objection, and other relevant details. Keep in mind that if you provide incomplete information your claim will be unusable and invalid for legal resolutions.

Claims against trespassing content.

Mamuns Blog Company respects the intellectual property of everybody. If you are concerned about any infringement of your property in any way, contact us and within a reasonable time, we will address the concern. Make sure to provide all your relevant details (as many as you can) and the details of infringing parties, cases of infringing, infringing proofs, and any other relevant details. The provision of incomplete details will render the claim unacceptable and impracticable for legal resolutions. Moreover, providing misleading info can be considered an offence and subjected to legal means.

Mamuns Blog also respects the rights of a manufacturer to engage in resale or distribution contracts for its goods. However, defilement of such contracts will not be considered an infringement of rights. This is because enforcement of the contact will be between the reseller and/or distributor and the manufacturer.

Copyrights and Trademarks

Mamunsblog.com, our logos, and any other marks specified on our Website are registered trademarks. Our page headers, graphics, service names, button icons, and scripts are trade dress or trademarks and should not be used with any service or product not belonging to Mamuns Blog ways that may lead to confusion within customers or in discrediting us. All the other trademarks that may appear on our Website are the properties of respective owners who may be connected or not connected or sponsored by Mamunsblog.com.

Whether registered or not registered, the intellectual property privileges in this Website including text, photos, graphics, video, sound, music, and their arrangement and selection, and software compilations will remain the property of Mamunsblog.com. We operate according to the copyright laws of Bangladesh and international agreements. All rights reserved.


You acknowledge that you take the risk of transacting and accessing the services on Mamuns Blog Website and you judge keenly before involving yourself in transactions on the Website. We will not be responsible nor liable for inactions or actions of sellers nor breaching of conditions, warranties, or representations by the product’s manufacturers and we hereby disclaim any responsibility in that respect. We will not resolve any disagreements between the manufacturers and sellers.

Furthermore, we disclaim any representations or warranties (implied or express) regarding the suitability, quality, accuracy, completeness, reliability, timelessness, merchantability, performance, fitness for any purpose, or the legitimacy of the listed, transacted or displayed on our Website. We do not endorse or support selling or purchasing any goods on the Website. We are not responsible for any given transactions that take place on the Site.

Mamuns Blog will not be responsible or liable to inactions or actions of services providers including payment providers, warranty services among others.

Business with Third Party

Other parties that are not our affiliates may provide services, sell products, or operate stores on the Website. We provide website links to our affiliate companies and other businesses. Mamuns Blog is not responsible for evaluating or examining these businesses and their Site content. We are not liable or responsible for the content, products, and actions of these third parties. Review your transactions carefully to know if any third party has been involved, we might share customer details relating to third party transactions. Carefully review their terms and conditions and related privacy statements.

Communicating with us

You communicate with Mamuns Blog electronically by sending emails and visiting the Website. While making an order, you are needed to provide the correct mobile number. We may contact you through email, SMS, calls, or notices on our website. For contractual reasons, we may contact you regarding your Site use.


We are not liable for any personal or business losses including loss of revenue, profits, contracts, data, anticipated savings, goodwill, or any other consequential or indirect loss that both us cannot foresee when you start using the Website.

Modification of service or adjustments to conditions and related promises.

We have the right to initiate adjustments to the Website, Terms, and Conditions, its policies any time we wish. You are subjected to the policies and conditions that are in force at the moment of your Site use unless any alteration of those particular conditions or policies is needed to be carried out by the law. If any of the conditions and policies are considered void, invalid, or not enforceable for any reason, that given condition or policy will be taken to affect the enforceability or validity of any of the remaining policies or conditions.

Events beyond Mamuns Blog Control

We will not be accountable for any failure or delay to observe our requirements in these conditions if they arise from causes that are outside our control.


You recognize and acknowledge that Mamuns Blog is a private enterprise having the right to carry out business to attain its objectives. You agree that if you break conditions specified in our Website and no action is taken, we are eligible to use our remedies and rights in any given situation where you breach the policies and conditions.


We may, without noticing you in advance instantaneously terminate our Terms and Conditions or cancel any rights that you are granted by these Terms and Conditions. Once you go contrary to this Agreement, you will immediately cease to access and use our Website. We may revoke your account details and password and deny you access to part or whole access to the Website. If not satisfied with the Website or any conditions, terms, guidelines, rules, policies, or any other thing involving operating the Website your sole remedy will be discontinuing using our Site.

Jurisdiction and Governing Law

The Terms and Conditions herein are following the laws of Bangladesh. Accepting the terms will indicate that you approve the tribunals, courts, and/ or associated bodies at Dhaka, Bangladesh has the jurisdiction on disputes arising under the Agreement hereby in Bangladesh.

Contact us

Reach us anytime you need clarification on the use of Mamunsblog.com.

Our Software

Mamuns Blog software includes any type of software that we may provide you with in connection to our Site.

You can use our software only for reasons allowing you to enjoy and use our services according to the Terms and Conditions.

Do not include any part of our software in your programs. We prohibit using the Software for illegal tenacities. Failing to comply with this may lead to the ceasing of the provision of services to you and we may revoke your rights to using Mamuns Blog Software. If you do not follow any of our Terms and Conditions, we will terminate automatically your use of software rights without notifying you. All software in our services including those of our affiliates is protected by the Bangladesh laws and other copyright laws apply.

While using the Website, you may as well be using services by other third parties, as the wireless carrier. Using the third parties will subject you to separate terms of use and policies according to those third parties.

You should not encourage, authorize or assist any individual to copy, reverse engineer, modify, disassemble or decompile, or tamper with part or whole of the Software or create imitative materials from the Mamuns Blog Software.

In keeping our software updated, we may initiate manual or automatic updates with no prior notice at any given time.

Sale conditions (Between Customers and Sellers)

Familiarize yourself carefully with these conditions before you place any given order with the sellers on our Site.

Conditions Associated with Service or Product Sale

This part deals with the conditions associated with services and products sold on the Website.

The contract

Placing your order is regarded as a legal offer to sellers to purchase the services or products presented on our Website. Once you place the order to buy a product, any status update or confirmation before dispatching of the order serves to authenticate the details of the order and does not indicate the confirmation of that order. Acceptance of the order is regarded as complete once you receive the products. You may get distinct dispatch confirmation if the order is dispatched in separate packages.

After placing the order, we cannot approximate the timeline that the order processing might take. This is because we depend on some other providers in preserving the pledge. We advise you to make any necessary effort in ensuring observance of the indicated timeline. All commercial terms are agreed upon between the buyers and sellers alone. These terms include, but are not limited to the price of products, shipping costs, payment terms, payment methods, delivery timeline, and date among others. Mamuns Blog is in the way in control of those commercial terms. Sellers have discrete rights to cancel your order before its dispatch we will make sure to notify you via SMS or email in case of such cancellation. Prepayments made before the cancellations will be refunded at the stipulated time frames.

Availability, order processing, and Pricing

All product prices are listed in BDT (Bangladesh Taka) and they include VAT. Sellers of the services and products list them on the Website. Items on your Cart may have the most recent prices included in the item’s detail page. Be aware that the price of the items may differ from the time that you placed the order at first and the time when submitting the order. The price of the item may decrease or increase between the moment of placing it on your basket and the time of order submission.

Mamuns Blog does not provide value matching for any product or services sold by sellers on the Website and other Sites.

We determine to offer the most accurate information about the prices for our Site users. However, errors can still emerge. In cases of mispricing of the items, we may contact you and advise or cancel the order and notify you. We will use our refund policies whether your order is confirmed or not. Mamuns Blog fully has the right on refunding the amount you pay for any canceled order.

We provide information about the availability of products on our website. However, do not rely much on dispatch estimates. During the processing of your order, we will notify you via SMS or email in case the product you have ordered is unavailable.

Note that for some reason, your order may not be processed. Mamuns Blog has the right to cancel or refuse orders for any given reason at any time and you will be required to offer additional information or verification such as address and phone number before acceptance of your order.

To avoid frauds with debit or credit cards, we have the right to validate your payment information before providing the product to you and to do verification of the payment information that you share with our platform. The verification can include the identity, residence place or bank details check. Within a reasonable time, we may cancel the offer if you fail to respond to the verification. 

Refund Voucher

  • You can redeem refund vouchers on our Site, as part or full payment of the goods from the Site with a specified timeline.
  • You cannot use the refund voucher with different accounts
  • If expired, the vouchers will not be replaceable.
  • You can only apply once for the code of the vouchers

Promotional vouchers

  • A customer can only use the promotional voucher only once.
  • This type of voucher is not refundable, valid for one transaction and you cannot exchange it for cash
  • The promotional voucher will only work if you meet the minimum required purchase amount and other given conditions.
  • Without notifying you, Mamuns Blog has the right to terminate any voucher
  • Mamuns Blog will not be responsible for any household or customer for loss of money due to the cancellation, withdrawal, or refusal of any voucher or inability to use the voucher for any given reason.
  • There is no replacement of expired voucher

Reward Vouchers

  • Customers are not allowed to operate multiple accounts using one device.
  • Customers listed in Mamuns Blog for fraud activities are not qualified for any voucher and cannot partake in any given campaign.

Promotional items

Only a single customer can purchase the mystery box and the 11tkdeal during the period of promotion

Fraud and security

While using the voucher, you guarantee to Mamuns Blog that you are a legal recipient and using the voucher in goodwill.

Redeeming any voucher that is not eligible to you will be regarded as committing a criminal offence.

If we detect unlawful usage of the voucher, we may cancel or reject that voucher. Mamuns Blog has the right to take any action in such cases.

Reselling Mamuns Blog Products

We strictly prohibit the reselling of Mamuns Blog products for commercial purposes.


You will be responsible to pay all costs/charges/ fees related to purchasing of products from our Website and you accept to bear all applicable taxes.

Warranties and representations

Mamuns Blog does not make any warranty or representation to specifics of the services and products listed on the Website when the selling of the services and products is done by a third party.

Mamuns Blog is not liable for any breach or non-performance of a contract between the sellers and you. We do not mediate upon the disputes due to the transactions taking place on our Website

We have no claims or rights over the services and products during the transaction between the sellers and you. Thus we are not liable for the contracts binding you and the seller.

Any errors in pricing of the products such as typographical error, technical issues, or any other incorrect information may lead to the cancellation of your order without advance notice. Prepayments for orders like those will be refunded.


Availability of stock: orders are subject to stock availability

Delivery timeline: your order delivery may take more time than the usual timeline of Mamuns Blog Company. Events such as political unrest, national holidays, and political events may lead to delay in your order delivery.

Cancellation: at our sole discretion we may cancel your order before the dispatch. The reason for doing so may include product misprice, expiry, and malfunctioning, defective and incorrect details due to typographical or technical errors among other reasons.

Refund timeline: In case of cancellation of your order, a refund will be done within a timeline of 10 to 15 business days. Although this can take a longer time in some cases.

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