Should You Buy Crypto on a Credit Card?

Buying crypto with a credit card may be one of the best ways to get the coins you want without waiting for the price to rise. In addition to avoiding missing the biggest upward swings, you might also get to collect rewards for your purchase. Card issuers often treat crypto purchases just like other purchases and offer lower interest rates or rewards back on spending.

Cash advance fees

Cash advance fees

If you want to purchase cryptocurrency on your credit card, you should know a few things. Using your credit card to purchase cryptocurrency is not cheap, and the fees associated with cash advances can cut into your profits. Since you’ll be utilizing a cash advance, you’ll likely have a higher APR. On average, cash advance fees on credit card purchases of crypto are between 3% and 10% of the purchase amount.

Most credit card issuers charge a one-time cash advance fee, as high as 3% of the total amount you withdraw. A $200 withdrawal through an ATM would result in a $6 to $10 cash advance fee. However, if you want to purchase cryptocurrency using your credit card, you should note that your cash advance fee may be higher than your credit limit. This means that it would be good to keep your spending to a minimum.

Foreign exchange fee

Foreign exchange fee

You may be wondering how to avoid paying a Foreign exchange fee when buying cryptocurrency with your credit card. While it’s possible to use a credit card to purchase, most major credit card issuers don’t allow users to buy crypto with their cards. That’s because cryptocurrency is a risky investment with extreme ups and downs. Banks are notoriously anti-risky investments, and they typically don’t allow the use of credit cards for cryptocurrency purchases.

It would help to avoid this fee if you were looking for a credit card with no foreign transaction fee. This way, you will avoid any extra charges and enjoy the card issuer’s protection. A no-fee credit card can also provide you with a larger credit limit to buy crypto. As long as you know the exact amount of money you plan to spend, you should be fine. However, if you buy crypto with your credit card, you may need a higher credit limit to cover the additional cost.



Whether or not you plan to buy crypto on your credit card is a crucial question to ask yourself. Your transactions will have no grace period, and you will be charged interest from the date of purchase. Moreover, these purchases are unlikely to qualify for rewards or count toward your spending requirement for a new credit card.

This form is required by law for any purchase you make using a credit card, and brokers are required to file this form. As long as the purchases are made on an exchange, keeping track of the cryptocurrency you’re buying and selling is relatively easy. However, moving your crypto between private wallets or having it in multiple locations can be even more complicated to track and report.

Exchanges that accept credit card transactions

Exchanges that accept credit card transactions

If you’ve been thinking about buying Bitcoin with a credit card, you should consider using an exchange that accepts credit card transactions. Many cryptocurrency exchanges have credit card payment options, but using one is much more complicated than it sounds. These exchanges usually require users to provide their credit card information to make a transaction. These details include the card number, expiration date, and security code. Once verified, the transaction will be completed.

When using your credit card to purchase crypto, one thing to consider is the fees. You will be charged a one-time fee of between three and five percent, depending on your exchange. In addition, many credit cards charge higher interest rates on cash advances. That means that you’re paying as much as six to ten percent more than using a bank or wire transfer for the same transaction. But this is only one disadvantage of using a credit card to buy crypto.

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