Padma Bridge


Padma Bridge

The Padma Bridge is one of the dream obligations of Bangladesh. Its miles are a multipurpose road and rail bridge over the Padma River. It will be the sixths biggest bridge in the international upon completion.


The improvement adventure was modified into began with the aid of the usage of China Railway’s important Bridge Engineering business enterprise restrained on 7th December 2014. The entire manufacturing modified into completed via might also moreover 2022. This bridge may be opened using Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on 25th June 2022.

The 2-degree metal truss bridge is 6.15 km prolonged and 18.10 m huge. It has a four-lane toll road on the better stage and a single music railway at the lower level. The whole venture price is predicted to be US Dollar 3.868 Billion (including VAT and IT).

It wasn’t easy at the start thinking about fee variety and one-of-a-kind financial problems at the same time as the arena economic institution canceled its credit score agreement. At the very least, we have offered you its very private investment.

There was no longer the most effective economic trouble but an environmental hassle. The river Padma has nature, calm in iciness and merciless in the summertime. So, the development manner changed into divided into 6 additives.

The number one grows to be building the principle bridge. The second detail turns out that River governance works around 14 km (1.6 Mawa + 12.4 in Janjira). The 1/three and fourth factors have been connecting the principal bridge with highways. The final element has become building the issuer place and supervision.

The bridge will join the southwest part of Bangladesh with the capital Dhaka and jap factor. As a give-up result, local cooperation and transport control can be progressed.

Except, it’s going to cause an intensive change in enterprise improvement. Medical and academic facilities can be much less hard to access.


It will play a vital function within the monetary region of Bangladesh. The Padma Bridge is meant to be inaugurated on 25th June 2022. The arena will witness one extra piece of data of proud Bangladesh.

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