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How To Make Money with Affiliate Marketing Without A Website

Understanding what it takes to be a successful affiliate is critical before we look at how to execute affiliate marketing without a site is critical. You won’t need to do affiliate marketing anymore once this happens. To begin, consider an affiliate marketer’s principal goal. You must get the right items to the correct individual time as an affiliate. It would be best if you struck a balance between your provider’s offerings and your customers’ needs. To do so, you’ll need a traffic source and a good product or offer.

If you want to know more about how to make money with affiliate marketing without a website, then keep reading this article.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing

You may make money by advertising other people’s products or services through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing does not need you to produce or sell your product or service because you will be advertising items and services made and sold by others. To put it another way, affiliate marketing is a fantastic method to make money without creating your product or brand.

Why Should You Affiliate Marketing without a Website?

I’m not opposed to creating a website; affiliate marketing is the most efficient method to profit from your own. Check out my essay on setting up a website in 15 minutes or less if you want to go that route. Why am I writing this essay if I don’t mind developing a website? I appreciate that not everyone has the time or financial means to create and maintain a website. If you don’t have a website, I’m writing this post to provide you with some additional methods for making affiliate money.

It would be best if you had something that your audience could promote and sell to generate money. When picking a product to promote, all great affiliate marketers have one thing in common: they always make the right decision.

The traffic source is the next prerequisite. It’s not enough to have a product on the market; you also need a plan for attracting and retaining visitors that can turn into an audience. It might be a personal blog, a dedicated website, a search engine, social media, or another comparable platform. You can increase your earnings if you can create a strong match between your audience and the content of your offer. To become an affiliate marketer, complete the steps indicated above.

Now let’s focus on the strategic part: sell the product to your audience. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done, and most affiliate marketers will need to focus on creating a special landing page for this reason. This is how to make money with affiliate marketing without a website.

What does it mean for affiliate marketers to have a personalized landing page?

When you look at various affiliate websites, you’ll see that many of them have dedicated landing pages. What about pages of affiliate marketers that allow them to be so adaptable? The solution is straightforward: landing pages boost conversions. Let’s look at how custom landing pages work in more detail.

A landing page is a quick web page you may create in about five minutes. Affiliate marketers use them to advertise their products. The good news is that product landing pages can be designed and written similarly. Here is an example of a straightforward landing page:

It would be best if you grasped your standing in online communities as an affiliate marketer. Most people despise affiliate links and are disinterested in the items or services offered via them. You may increase openness while interacting with prospective customers to some extent by using landing pages.

You may be as creative as you want when creating your landing page. First, people must know how and where their money is invested.

To convey information concisely and entertainingly, you must be creative and think outside the box. More visitors will convert if you invest in a welcoming design and enticing wording for your landing page. You can also check our page on how to make money with affiliate marketing without a website.

Investing in landing pages may allow you to understand more about your visitors’ origins. A lot of data is required for successful affiliate marketing campaigns; the more data you have, the better. You’ll like to know where your visitors are coming from, what your most popular items are interested in, what operating system they’re using, and what keywords they’re searching for on your site.

It was a terrific decision for me to acquire Ad Tracker since it helps you collect all the data and adapt your efforts for the best results. I just mentioned that having a website isn’t a must for being an affiliate marketer. Sure, you’ll be more likely to succeed, but do you need it?

Affiliate Marketing Without a Website: 10 Methods

We discovered how to make money with affiliate marketing without a website, and it is one of the most effective tactics accessible right now. Keep reading:

Individual AnnouncementsSolo advertising is a terrific approach to reaching your audience if you don’t have your website. Said, solo advertising enables you to target your audience by utilizing the email addresses of others. Finally, you’ll be able to tell people about your affiliate products.

But how does it work? Assume you wish to concentrate your efforts on a medical institution. You signed up and began marketing your affiliate items on numerous internet forums because this is one of the largest affiliate centers. Look for healthcare influencers that allow customized advertising in their email newsletters.

Influencers will add your offer to their email list and charge you if they believe it’s a good one (usually with a single click). This means you may get paid immediately, but you can also get additional subscribers. However, you should be aware that solo advertisements are frequently seen as effective since they do not necessarily result in high-quality traffic. It’s critical to balance your ROI while employing single advertising. Don’t sign a long-term contract without first reviewing it.

1. Participating in online forums and communities

Sometimes the best approach is to keep things as simple as possible. Like-minded people may readily find one other on the Internet in numerous forums and groups. As a result, online communities and forums are an excellent area to market your product.

The first step is to choose a suitable forum where people who might be interested in your goods can be found. Reddit, for example, is an excellent alternative because it’s simple to identify the perfect segmentation for your product.

Once you’ve found a forum with a thriving online community, check the rules to see if the promotional activity is permitted. After that, all you have to do is register and begin posting. The more you give, the more people will believe in you and the more subscribers you’ll have. This is how to make money with affiliate marketing without a website.

2. Develop a viral e-book

It’s straightforward: all you have to do is write an e-book on a topic that will likely get popularity. A humorous trending hashtag can be anything you believe will be useful to their customers. Then, you must insert the affiliate link into the content. People will click the link at the end of your book if they like it, and who knows, maybe the customer will convert them? Using Google Trends to uncover the current popular subjects and then creating an eBook around them is one of the finest things you can do.

Because you need to write an eBook on a less popular topic and ensure that people read it, this is a strategic way to do it. To make this work, you must include your affiliate links in the eBook to improve the reading experience and earn a commission. I advise making the e-book free to reach as many people as possible.

You may be able to pay less if the e-book is rather long. This strategy is almost certainly going to fail at first. Publishing e-books that are read and enjoyed has a learning curve. It would be best if you learned how to locate subjects that people are interested in studying and that are less competitive.

3. YouTube Channel

YouTube is quite popular now, with millions of people using it to make and share videos. If you don’t have a website, no problem; create a Youtube channel and start using the necessary links in the description. Many content authors, including yourself, use the same method to optimize their earnings.

Have you ever watched a YouTube video where the host asks you to read the product description or service they’re promoting? They mostly engage in affiliate marketing, and the links in their description are affiliate links that pay them a commission. Many writers utilize the Amazon Affiliate Program to gain money. Allow me to give you an example to demonstrate how simple it is.

Youtube is also a good way like this is how to make money with affiliate marketing without a website.

Let’s pretend you’re a YouTube technician who recently made a video comparing and contrasting new computers. Put your laptop affiliate link in your description and wait to be paid if people buy it. You’ll need a reputable manufacturer with a lot of traffic to make this work. Working as an affiliate marketer on a free YouTube channel, on the other hand, cannot be ignored as an easy way to generate money.

4. Ads in Context

If you want speedy results, don’t pay close attention to contextual advertising. Paid online advertising has shown to be a rapid way to make money, so it’s something you should consider. The finest sites for promoting your affiliate items are Facebook and Google. They both use the pay-per-click advertising model, which means you only pay when someone clicks on an ad.

This is a riskier strategy, but it is less hazardous than tailored advertising, in my opinion. In this situation, you’ll use Google’s advertising services to direct traffic to the landing page for the product or service you’re promoting. This work will only work if you make a terrific ad and target the proper keywords. Promoting a fantastic product or service is, of course, essential. It may appear simple, but it is not. If you master this method and apply it to a range of products and services, you may make less money.

5. Taking Advantage of Content Publishing Platforms

The two most popular content publishing platforms are Medium and Steemit. You may also market your affiliate items with them. Creating an account and posting content on each of these sites is simple. Medium has over 100 million users and a host of handy tools for measuring the engagement rate of your work. However, when employing affiliate links in your content, you must disclose that they are affiliate links, as both platforms demand.

Are you aware that article writers wrote the content you’re reading on a freelance writing platform? Let me introduce you to LinkedIn, a social media platform I’ve written extensively for years. Using LinkedIn, you may keep a share of your earnings, reach a larger audience, and advertise related items or services.

LinkedIn does not allow you to market anything. However, you may use Amazon capsules to promote Amazon items. You can use your affiliate links, but this isn’t always the case. Another excellent free site for publishing articles and earning affiliate money is Medium.

They’ll be able to promote goods in the middle readily, and sorting out the middle will be easier now that they know what they’re doing. These platforms have a lot of domain power, making it simpler for your content to rank in the search engines. Search engines, and you may earn much more than you can through your website if you use them appropriately.

6. Leverage the Power of social media

There’s nothing quite like it when advertising your affiliate items on social media. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have grown significantly over the years, and new platforms emerge regularly. Social media is a good option if you don’t have a website but want to make money with affiliate marketing.

You don’t need much else: create an account and a page, and begin promoting your business. Although it does not directly link to an Instagram post, it is possible to insert a link in the bio description. On the other hand, Facebook allows you to build groups and pages and provide tools for tracking interaction.

On social media, you may quickly market items and services. The best method to get started is to create a lot of material about your niche and follow people interested in it. You may start marketing items and services once you start seeing decent figures. Each social media platform has laws and restrictions, which you should be aware of as you go.

I strongly encourage you to use Instagram since it is a fantastic platform for marketing the products and services that various influencers recommend. Because you can’t publish a photo link on Instagram, you’ll have to urge folks to look in your bio for the link. You can buy advertisements to promote items or services on sites like Facebook, but I wouldn’t encourage it unless you’re sure what you’re doing.

7. Retargeting Functions

Retargeting is another marketing tactic to consider. It is aimed at clients who have never purchased from an online business. The clickthrough rate of extracted advertising is around 10 times that of a standard ad.

A tracking pixel records information about a person’s visit to a shop. You may use their tracking information to retarget adverts after they’ve left, and you can anticipate buying them.

The best thing is that it works similarly to traditional ad placement in that you only get paid when someone clicks on your ad. This option is available on Google and Facebook, and growing your sales is simple.

8. Email marketing

Email marketing has gotten much attention lately, and it’s still one of the most successful ways to promote your items today. You can’t overlook email marketing if you want to employ an efficient affiliate marketing approach without having a website.

You may either build your email list from scratch or buy a database and build an email marketing campaign around it. You’re ready to begin once you’ve included affiliate links in the middle. You can locate suppliers who provide registration services if you wish to construct your email list.

To persuade someone to join up, you must provide a compelling explanation. Giving them access to an e-book, a free guide, or a free course is a fantastic concept that will surely increase signups.

9. Pay Per Call in Affiliate Marketing Program

Pay-per-call affiliate marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tactics accessible today. The advertiser compensates the partner agency for the quality calls it generates. A Display Network This method works in the same way that website click tracking does.

Here are some suggestions to help boost the number of recommendations you receive.

Diversify your efforts as much as possible. You should vary your efforts as much as possible if you don’t have a website. For example, you should apply at least five of the 10 ways to boost sales. It will be difficult, but nothing is impossible. If you focus on one way, the quantity and quality of traffic will almost certainly not be sufficient to earn a good profit.

Marketing Tips for Those Who Don’t Have a website

Affiliate marketing is difficult without a website, and you can expect many of the leads you generate to be inactive. While promoting your business online, spend some time researching keywords. The next step is to identify the proper keywords after picking the right niche and joining an affiliate marketing organization. Focus on long-tail keywords to increase your SERP effect. Although the competition is tough, if you target the right keywords, you may be able to get excellent leads. As a result, on your website.

Write Your Material: While it is possible to outsource content, it is not a good idea. Instead, make your information so complex that no one else understands what you’re trying to say. If you’re skilled at writing, you’ll be able to connect with your audience, which is why you need to increase your sales.

Regarding Affiliate Marketing without a website, these are some of the most important things to keep in mind. It is suggested that you devise a plan depending on the partner neck you are pursuing and then implement it. If you’re motivated and focused on your goals, it won’t take long for you to start selling.

The Most Often Requested Questions (FAQ)

How can I start an affiliate marketing business without having a blog?

You don’t need a blog to promote an affiliate product, but you may host it on someone else’s. You may promote on Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, or by purchasing ad space on another person’s website. Advertising, unlike social networking, is not free, and you must understand how it works.

By 2022, will affiliate marketing be profitable?

If you’re wondering if affiliate marketing will still be relevant in 2021, don’t be concerned. Estimates are still being developed, but the affiliate marketing sector is expected to top $16 billion by 2021 and continue to expand.

Is Affiliate Marketing a Simple Process?

Being an affiliate marketer necessitates a high level of knowledge, competence, and dedication. It is not a quick or simple path to success, but if followed correctly, it may provide enormous results. To be a successful affiliate marketer, you must possess the following qualities: a specific area of interest or experience.

Is being a partner worthwhile?

Using affiliate goods to analyze the product you’re selling while marketing your products or services may be quite beneficial. Affiliate marketing is worth investigating if you can locate a similar product but different from yours.

Is it possible to generate money as an affiliate marketer without a website?

You don’t need a website to execute Affiliate Marketing; you only need traffic or an audience, which may come through your YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook channel. Just put an affiliate link into your post to validate the sales generated by your article or video.

What Does An Affiliate Marketer Get Paid?

This group may have taken up rock climbing or begun working part-time in performance marketing. They can make up to $300 every day. Intermediaries. These affiliate marketers spread their wings a little, working on various projects simultaneously and earning anything from $300 to $3,000 daily. See, this is how to make money with affiliate marketing without a website.

Can I use Instagram for affiliate marketing?

You can add affiliate links to any Instagram post that allows them. Influencers’ Instagram stories, IGTV descriptions, and Instagram bio links are all affiliate links. The influencer often gets a flat-rate commission on total sales when selling through an affiliate link.

Is it possible to generate money with affiliate marketing without having a blog?

Many people believe that affiliate marketing is impossible without having a website. However, this is incorrect. You don’t need to invest in a website or blog to participate in affiliate marketing


As an affiliate, you must devise a marketing strategy that will result in more high-quality calls to the supplier, resulting in more sales. You get paid a commission on each sale. This strategy is similar to how to make money with affiliate marketing without a website.

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