How to Install Grabcam In Termux 2021


Most smartphones or laptops have a camera to make it the users easier to capture or film a moment. But the camera is also the main thing that attackers want to take over because attackers can be spying on you undetectable. To protect yourself from that, you have to know “how the attacker can hack a camera ??”


Grabcam is a bash based script that is officially made for Termux from this tool can hack your victim’s camera by simple offer page. This tool works on both rooted Android devices and Non-rooted Android devices. Installation and usage guide:

⚙️ Installation Commands: ⚙️

  • 💲 apt-get update -y
  • 💲 apt-get upgrade -y
  • 💲 pkg install python -y
  • 💲 pkg install python2 -y
  • 💲 pkg install git -y
  • 💲 pip install lolcat
  • 💲 git clone https://github.com/Abhi6722/grabcam
  • 💲 ls
  • 💲 cd grabcam
  • 💲 ls
  • 💲 bash grabcam.sh

To see captured images :

  • 💲 ls
  • 💲 mv (image name with .png) /sdcard


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