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Best 7 Elementor SEO plugin to Rank Your WordPress website in 2022

Imagine you built a good-looking website in Elementor page builder; Your site is full of beautiful content. But all of a sudden it is not getting good traffic. It’s not fulfilling your expectations at all. All your efforts behind the website have gone in vain.

Your site will rank in Google when you will do the SEO properly. SEO is the savior here for your valuable website. Today we will talk about 7 elementor of SEO plugins that will make your site #1 in SERP. This plugin integrates with Elementor builder smoothly and gives you a better real-time content optimization opportunity.

For a better SEO framework, these plugins will help you in every way possible!!

What is SEO

What is SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is a process where you follow some proper guidelines to make your content much more optimized for google analytics. It will rank gradually in SERP within days if your content fully fulfills user intent. There are two types of SEO. Onpage SEO and Off page SEO.On-page SEO contains technical seo, making an XML sitemap for indexing content in the google sandbox, and many other steps. By executing these strategies properly, you can make your content rank top in search results.

We will talk here today about plugins that will boost your on-page seo in a dramatic amount with real-time outcomes.

How SEO affects an Elementor website

How SEO affects an Elementor website

Websites built with Elementor website builders are called Elementor websites.

Over 5M+ active installations, Elementor gives its wonderful service to over 10M websites. So there is a chance that you can also get a sweet spot in Google SERP and get some good ranks with a ton of traffic.

This is where Elementor SEO plays a great role. Elementor SEO is not like any SEO; it’s just like seo that works fine with the Elementor website.

Elementor SEO plugin: Necessary or just a luxury?

For on-page seo, you don’t have much time if you have some other work to do in your website development project. Besides, If you get something ready to use as your on-page seo page builder plugin, which will optimize your whole content with a few clicks, I think it will be your great time savior.

So, we can say an SEO plugin is necessary for your Elementor website, especially for people who don’t have much time to optimize their content manually.

Now a question will pop up in your mind. What kind of on-page seo criteria will a plugin fulfill in your website?

Well, It will cover some basic but major things. There are some parameters that we need to make up. Such as optimizing content quality according to google, detecting your site page speed, making a preview of your meta description like how it will look in SERP when it is published, create a meta title for a better seo score. Moreover, it will help you make a rich SERP snippet.

It will help you determine whether your focus keyword appears in your content where it needs to be mentioned. By focus keywords, google Bots crawl through the web to find your content. So it is very necessary.

The necessity of internal links can’t be avoided for better SEO performance. An SEO plugin will count down the total interlink you have.

Overall, we can say that the value a seo plugin will give you is priceless. It will save both your time and energy so that you can focus on other tasks with much planning. It will execute all SEO analyses for you that need to be done to get a fresh SEO score.

How to add a seo plugin in the elementor page builder

Top Elementor SEO plugin that you can Try

Yoast SEO

Yoast seo plugin is the first SEO addon in the WordPress platform. We can say the king of all plugins in this category. This is the first plugin that was integrated into Elementor officially. However, it is not optimized as a Rank math SEO plugin. It has amazing features like a box for focus keyphrase, also known as focus keyword. Based on your focus keyphrase, this plugin can optimize the post more accurately.

Also, if you don’t have a focus keyword, you can get one by using “Get related Keyphrase.” Which is a collaboration with SemRush.

While working on a live blog post, readability and SEO analysis serve as a great plus point. It will show you things you need to fix to get more readability and improve your SEO score for better optimization.

In free features, there are available features like track SEO performance, google preview. In tracking SEO performance, you can get the full result of your SEO. It is integrated with Wincher; wincher is a great third-party website that helps you track your keyword in a specific region. By adding a customized preview in the preview options, you can decide how it will look in Google SERP.

Using cornerstone content, the latest post can be marked up as exclusive on the web page. A great way to highlight for your audience.

However, in the premium features, there are much more. From the official page of Yoast, we come to know these options:

  • Internal linking guide map for your content to make a silo structure. It will make a great pattern for crawlers. A better chance to be indexed fast.
  • You can make the content more balanced for multiple keywords.
  • Easy dead link detections.
  • Get previews for social sites.

Yoast SEO premium starts at $99.


Introducing you to the new SEO predator in Elementor. Yes, we are talking about Rankmath. Though Yoast still has some great impressions on WordPress, when it comes to Elementor, no one can beat Rankmath.

The first reason is it can be easily merged with elementor Website Builder. No need to change the tab again and again to do SEO. After installing the plugin, you can see a new tab on your builder. Your content optimization will get a new dimension of speed. No other seo plugin can be this flexible as this one!!

At first, you will get a tab of 4 options. General, Advanced, Schema, Social. Each option serves different purposes individually.

You will get a box where you can edit your snippet and can edit your post title and permalink, and create a nice meta description for better on-page seo.

You will able to put your focus keyword in the box; then, rank math will optimize the whole content based on this primary keyword. There you can get the help of content ai, a third-party extension. It can generate some good focus keywords for your post. Recently google trend has been added to get more accurate and search-worthy keywords. Also, there is a tick box named “this post is a pillar content” here; you can make it a pillar content. This will help Rankmath determine this post as an important one for future interlinking reference.

Basic SEO helps you to fulfill the basic SEO activities that need to be done on your content.

An additional part provides tips for the technical SEO part, such as interlinking and external linking. This is also called off-page seo.

The last parts are title readability and content readability. You can check all the checklists here to ensure your title and content are easy to read and understand.

Now let’s switch to the advanced part. Here we can do some seo practice by commanding the robot.txt to perform many kinds of activities. Each can make some impressions on your content by conducting off-page seo tactics. You can add a canonical URL, Breadcrumb title.

The schema part is used for generating or selecting schema for your post. Schema helps to show rich output in SERP.

The social part will help you share your content on the social site and get more engagement from Facebook and Twitter.

With the premium version of rank math, you are getting these features extra:-

  • Keep tabs on your site’s keywords’ search engine rankings and performance throughout the last year with our keyword rank tracking service! (An uncommon feature)
  • Integration of Google Trends
  • Sitemap for Video SEO at Google
  • Google’s SEO sitemap for Google News
  • For SEO purposes, many locations are needed.
  • Schema types are already defined.
  • Earnings history for Google AdSense
  • Social media photographs can be automatically watermarked.

Premium rank math starts at 59$.

All in one SEO

An All-in-one SEO plugin can be a good substitute for the Yoast seo plugin. Like any other SEO plugin, you are almost getting the same features here.

When you open the plugin, you will see a bar at the top. There are 4 options, some of which are only for pro users.


Snippet preview and add keyphrase are common features. But one interesting thing is that they add 3 uncommon features. They are Basic SEO, title, and readability.

From basic seo, you can check the focus keyword position in the post, meta description length, and how many external links your post have.

In the title box, you can ensure the title length and quality, which will make it perfect for search engine optimization.

The readability part, as always, controls the whole content quality so that it will be an easy piece of content to read for everyone.


Schema is a feature that helps Google understand the type of content. Set your schema according to your category and rank for easy in SERP.

Robot setting

You can guide your robot.txt and set your canonical URL in the robot setting.

These are the free features open for all.

In the pro feature, you will get:

  • Instant helpline support
  • No Limit to the Number of Keywords
  • In-Depth SEO Tools
  • Individual SEO process for Woocommerce
  • Integration of social media
  • TruSEO Analysis (special feature of all-in-one SEO)
  • Analyzer of Headlines
  • Customize Schema Markup
  • Breadcrumbs that are tailored to your needs
  • Microsoft clarity(more like a heatmap to give you a clear idea of how your audience interacts on your website)
  • WordPress REST API
  • Local SEO Module
  • Image SEO Module
  • News Sitemap
  • Video Sitemap
  • Redirection Manager
  • 404 Error Tracking
  • Internal Link Assistant
  • Client Management
  • Multi-site Support

All-in-one SEO pro starts with 99$. It has 4 deals. Basic,plus,Pro,Elite.


SEOPress is completely white-labeled, free from ads, and a powerful plugin for WordPress. It can be the best Elementor SEO plugin.

You can fully optimize your website with its comprehensive features, i.e., build your custom XML sitemap, analyze content based on keywords, manage redirections, and more.

It is fully integrated with Google Analytics, enabling you to track your SEO efforts. Besides, you can write better posts with the help of its content analysis tool that provides optimization tips.

Moreover, developers can apply additional hooks to customize the plugin fully.

This plugin also has these features:

  • Support for unlimited keywords.
  • Intuitive setup wizard.
  • Social media monitoring.
  • Image SEO.
  • Custom canonical URLs
  • And more.

Its premium version costs $39/year for multiple sites.

You can get this best Elementor SEO plugin here: SEOPress

Wp Meta SEO

WP Meta SEO helps you work through a website redesign and offers a meta-information bulk editor that makes it easy to perform optimization through the site at once.

You don’t even have to go in and out of each page, saving a lot of time.

You can use accurate data directly from Google to inform decisions about your keyword strategy because it integrates with the Google search console to power its keyword suggestion features.

Additional built-in SEO features, i.e., redirections manager and a sitemap generator.

This plugin is ideal for the average marketer who handles websites, SEO, and content.

You can effortlessly reach your audience by crafting content and speeding up your workflow with the help of the bulk editor feature.

You can get the best Elementor SEO plugin here: WP Meta SEO.

Squirrly SEO

Squirrly SEO is a WordPress SEO plugin emphasizing research and analysis, which is one of the major differences between it and other SEO plugins.

In the Free version, the features you will get here are just another level. We can say it is the best tool if you prioritize your content optimization. There are more features like:-

  • Conduct keyword research, considering factors like ranking difficulty, search traffic, and related keyword ideas.
  • To ensure that your target and LSI keywords are used consistently across your site, use the “Briefcase” function.
  • Track your search engine rankings on Google

Squirrly SEO hence takes the place of certain possible external SEO tools that you may be utilized, which is yet another unique characteristic of this plugin.

This plugin may also assist you in identifying photos to utilize in your text, related external sites, Tweets, and more. Like any other standard SEO plugin feature, you will get the common feature like title, description edit option, share to other social media, XML sitemap, etc.

But if you want to use these amazing features to make SEO more fun for your Elementor website, you need to upgrade your pricing plan from free to the pro version. And the prizes are much higher if we compare them with others regularly.

The SEO Framework

The SEO Framework is a lightweight, fast plugin for WordPress. It is built to be the best Elementor SEO plugin. It avoids ads or upsells.

This plugin focuses on helping out those who want to spend less time while keeping site speed high. It often can be the alternative to Yoast.

A few tabs control the post settings; one uses a colored scale that shows the progress of making your post SEO ready. You can instantly tell where to put in some work for SEO with the scale.

The interface of this plugin is perfect for beginners, and advanced users can also get their job done due to the open API.

The plugin includes some extensions, i.e., Local SEO, Article enhancement, Incognito mode, Redirects, and more.

The plugin has some special features as:

  • You can check how your post will perform on Google with the provided visual, colored meter/scale.
  • Companies can set up a local SEO extension and display important local business information.
  • You can remove the need for an additional plugin by spamming the comment extension.
  • And more.

You can get this best Elementor SEO plugin here: The SEO Framework.

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