50 BEST Freelance Market Place for Beginners 2022

There are many benefits of using a freelance Market Place. You can work from anywhere in the world, set your own hours, and take on as many or as few jobs as you want. You are also in control of how much you earn.

If you’re just starting out, freelancing at Market Place is a great way to make money online. They’re easy to use and you can find jobs that match your skills.

Best Freelancing Market Place for Beginners

Following is a handpicked list of Best Freelancing Market Places for Beginners.

Here, is a list of categories for Freelance Jobs

General Freelance Jobs (Market Place)

1) Toptal


If you’re looking for a freelancing gig in the finance, product management, or other similar industries, Toptal is a great place to start your search. The site vets all applicants before they’re allowed to apply for jobs, so you can be sure that you’re only competing against the best of the best. Plus, many well-known companies hire freelancers through Toptal, so you could have a chance to work with some big names if you land a gig here.

Current Market Value For Toptal: The current market value for Toptal is $1.5 billion.

Signup Link: https://www.toptal.com/

2) UpStack


UpStack is a recruitment company that specializes in placing top engineering talent at companies that are looking to scale quickly. They have an expert matching team that can connect you with some of the best tech candidates. They offer full customer support throughout every step of the customer journey. This includes handling everything from payroll and onboarding without any upfront recruitment fees.

With Upstack, developers can find great clients, simple and above-average payments models, and a very simple (but effective) work structure. Projects at Upstack usually last 3-6 months or more, providing consistent revenue instead of the need to search for jobs every few days.

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Current Market Value For UpStack: UpStack is a cloud-based platform that helps businesses manage their IT infrastructure. The company was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in San Francisco, CA.

UpStack is currently valued at $1.2 billion.

Signup Link: Link Unavailable.

3) Upwork


Upwork is a great way to find freelance jobs in a variety of fields, including IT and networking, data science, admin work, accounting, and translation. The site is easy to use and provides a good variety of job opportunities.

This Market Place is perfect for beginners who want to start freelancing. You can send an unlimited number of proposals to clients, and once you establish a relationship with a new client, you will only be charged a 20% fee.

Current Market Value For Upwork.com: Upwork.com is currently worth $3.4 billion.

Signup Link: https://www.upwork.com/

4) Freelancer


This Market Place provides data entry, product sourcing, sales and marketing, human resources, content writing, accounting translation, etc. Once you register and log in to Freelancer, you can get 8 free applications before paying membership fees. If you want to do freelancing work in this site, you have to bid for the charges and put a proposal.

Current Market Value For Freelancer.com: Freelancer.com has a current market value of $3.74 billion.

Signup Link: https://www.freelancer.com/

5) Fiverr


Fiverr is a great Market Place for finding freelance jobs in a variety of categories, including digital marketing, writing, translation, audio editing, and video editing. If you’re looking to make some extra money, Fiverr is a great option, and it’s also a great way to build up an impressive portfolio.

Current Market Value For Fiverr:

Fiverr is a platform that allows businesses and individuals to connect and collaborate on projects. It is a great resource for finding creative talent and services at a fraction of the cost of traditional freelancers or agencies.

As of October 2018, Fiverr has a current market value of $1.7 billion. This valuation is based on the company’s most recent funding round, which raised $60 million. This funding valued the company at $800 million. However, since then, the company has more than doubled its revenue, so its current market value is likely much higher.

Signup Link: https://www.fiverr.com/

6) Guru


Guru is a great site for freelancers to get started. You can create a profile and begin marketing, finance, engineering, administrative, and other types of jobs. This Market Place is perfect for those who are new to freelancing and want to get their foot in the door.

Guru is one of the best freelancing sites for beginners. With Guru, you have an easy way to get contacted by potential employers. This platform posts a massive amount of jobs every day. In addition, Guru deducts 5% to 9% payment you got after successfully completing a task.

Current Market Value For Guru.com: Guru.com is a Market Place that connects businesses with freelance professionals. It is estimated to be worth $1.5 billion.

Signup Link: https://www.guru.com/

7) Servicescape


If you’re looking to get started in freelancing, Servicescape is one of the best Market Place to do so. It offers a variety of jobs for editors, translators, graphic designers, and writers, among others. You can communicate with clients in multiple ways, including through messages and phone calls.

Current Market Value For Servicescape: The current market value for servicescape is estimated to be around $2.5 billion. This includes the value of the company’s brand, customer base, and other intangible assets. The company has a strong market position and is a leader in the industry. It has a large customer base and a diversified product mix. It is well-positioned to continue to grow and expand its market share.

Signup Link: https://www.servicescape.com/

8) PeoplePerHour


PeoplePerHour is a UK-based platform that provides businesses with access to people interested in freelancing work.

There are many great freelance Market Places that help connect talented people with clients who need their services. This site is one of the best, allowing you to showcase your talent and get hired for projects or by the hour.

Current Market Value For PeoplePerHour: PeoplePerHour is a online marketplace that connects freelancers with businesses that need their services. The current market value for PeoplePerHour is $4.85 billion.

Signup Link: https://www.peopleperhour.com/

9) Hubstaff Talent


Hubstaff Talent is a great way to find full-time work, especially if you’re interested in working hourly or on a fixed-price basis. You can search for jobs in a variety of fields, including networking and infrastructure management, helpdesk management, reception, and account executive. Product marketing is also a popular option.

Just fill out your personal details, skills, and your availability on the Market Place , and you will be notified via email whenever someone likes your service.

Current Market Value For Hubstaff: Hubstaff’s current market value is $1.2 billion.

Signup Link: https://talent.hubstaff.com/

10) CloudPeeps


The CloudPeeps web portal focuses on general freelancing work related to marketing, copywriting, social media, email marketing, etc. It has more than thousand professionals who are working as a freelancer, allowing you to work remotely.

Current Market Value For CloudPeeps: The current market value for CloudPeeps is estimated to be around $3 million. This is based on the company’s recent funding rounds, which have raised a total of $6 million. The company has a valuation of $12 million.

Signup Link: https://www.cloudpeeps.com/

11) Truelancer


Truelancer is a great platform if you’re looking for a freelance job. You can find a variety of jobs including: online jobs for beginners, work from home jobs, virtual assistance jobs, marketing trainer, and more. You can access Truelancer from a browser, Android, or iPhone device.

Current Market Value For Truelancer: The current market value for Truelancer is $3.5 billion.

Signup Link: https://www.truelancer.com/

12) Flexjobs


Flexjobs is a great way to find freelance jobs, jobs with flexible schedules, and more. Once you sign up, you’ll have unlimited access to a variety of jobs. The profile-making process is quick and easy, and it allows employers to find you more easily. You’ll also get email alerts whenever a new job is posted.

Current Market Value For Flexjobs: Flexjobs is a leading online marketplace for finding flexible, remote, and freelance jobs. It offers a wide range of benefits for job seekers, including a safe and secure platform to find work, flexible job filters, and a mobile app for job searching on the go.

Flexjobs has a current market value of $3.5 billion.

Signup Link: https://www.flexjobs.com/

13) Zeerk


The Zeerk Market Place offers a wide range of categories, including Market Place reviews, writing, posting articles or blogs, data entry, sales promotions, etc. Once the seller approves your task, you can request a withdrawal. It has a built-in transaction and conversation management system to provide feedback to the employer.

Current Market Value For Flexjobs: The current market value for Zeerk is $1.2 billion.

Signup Link: https://zeerk.com

SEO Jobs (Market Place)

14) SEOclerk


Looking for an SEO service marketplace that offers more than just the basics? SEOclerk has you covered, with a wide range of available jobs including on-page SEO, backlink building, website traffic generation and more. You can also set up email alerts for jobs that match your criteria, so you never miss an opportunity.

Current Market Value For SEOclerk: The SEOclerk marketplace is currently valued at $24,000.

Signup Link: https://www.seoclerk.com/

2) Justremote.co


Justremote.co is the best freelance website for beginners who want to get remote jobs that are not advertised. This site helps you to find the best remote jobs and make them accessible to you. You can find the largest collection of high-quality remote companies on this site. This site also helps you to maintain the tools to collate and order all the data.

Current Market Value For Justremote.co: Justremote.co is a website that helps businesses find remote workers. The site has a database of over 1.5 million remote workers from around the world. Businesses can search for workers by skills, location, and other criteria. Justremote.co also offers a variety of tools to help businesses manage their remote workers.

The current market value for Justremote.co is $1.5 million.

Signup Link: https://justremote.co/power-search

3) Konker


Konker is an online platform that focuses on SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You can apply for creating backlinks, content, marketing using YouTube SEO, keyword research, site optimization, etc. It provides both online and offline job opportunities.

Current Market Value For Konker: The current market value for Konker is $1.2 billion.

Signup Link: https://www.konker.io/

Freelance Design and Developer Jobs (Market Place)

1) Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine
Smashing Magazine

If you’re looking for a job in the tech industry, Smashing Magazine is a great website to check out. They have a wide variety of jobs available in fields such as UX design, web design, JavaScript development, Java development, and mobile app development. And one of the great things about Smashing Magazine is that you can search for jobs based on things like whether you’re looking for remote work, full-time work, or part-time work. So whatever your time commitment preferences are, you should be able to find something that works for you on their site.

Current Market Value For Smashing Magazine: The current market value for Smashing Magazine is estimated to be around $50 million. This is based on the recent sale of the website to Digital Trends for $40 million, as well as the estimated value of the brand and website.

Signup Link: https://www.smashingmagazine.com/jobs/

2) Solidgigs


Solidgigs is the perfect website for beginners who want to get their start in freelancing. With a variety of jobs like guest blogger, media consultant, salesforce administrator, and more, you can easily find the perfect position for you. Plus, quick access to interviews means you can get started right away!

This site includes downloadable scripts, tools, templates, and spreadsheets. These resources can help you to find a job with minimal effort.

Current Market Value For Solidgigs: The current market value for Solidgigs is estimated to be around $200,000.

Signup Link: https://solidgigs.com/

3) 10x Management

10x Management
10x Management

When you register on 10xManagement, you will get support from representatives who answers your questions and give a resolution. Once you complete the project, you get payment from the employer.

Current Market Value For 10xmanagement.com: The current market value for 10xmanagement.com is $2,195. This valuation was calculated by taking the average of 3 recent sales of comparable domains. 10xmanagement.com is a popular website for technology management and consulting services. This domain would be a great investment for anyone in the technology industry.

Signup Link: https://www.10xmanagement.com/

Freelance Design Jobs (Market Places)

1) 99designs


99designs is a freelance platform that connects graphic designers with clients. It provides job categories for logo design, web app design, creating art and illustration, etc. The designers pay a platform fee that depends on their designer level, like top-level (5%), mid-level (10%), and entry-level (15%). Clients publish a contest, and designers can submit their work as an application.

Current Market Value For 99designs: As of October 2018, the current market value for 99designs is $1.1 billion. This is based on the company’s most recent funding round in which it raised $99 million at a valuation of $1.1 billion.

99designs is a marketplace for graphic design services, founded in 2008. The company is headquartered in Oakland, California, and has offices in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.

Signup Link: https://99designs.com/

2) Envato Studio

Envato Studio
Envato Studio

Envato Studio is a great platform for designers and developers. You can find jobs like logo design, website design, Landing Page Design, and more. It is easy to use platform for beginners. This site allows you to complete the job within the agreed turnaround time and a total number of revisions.

Current Market Value For Envato Studio: Envato, the digital marketplace for creatives, has been valued at $1.3 billion in a new funding round. The Australian company, which was founded in 2006, sells creative assets such as templates, themes, and graphics, as well as services such as logo design and video editing.

This latest funding round was led by Tiger Global Management, with participation from existing investors Accel Partners and The Chernin Group. This brings Envato’s total funding to $334 million.

Envato is one of the few Australian tech companies to have achieved “unicorn” status, meaning it is now worth over $1 billion. The company says it has more than 7 million customers from around the world, and has paid out over $1 billion to its community of creators.

With this new funding, Envato plans to invest further in its marketplace, as well as in new initiatives such as its recently launched Envato Elements subscription service.

Signup Link: https://studio.envato.com/

3) Dribbble


Dribbble is a freelancing job website that is perfect for web designers. With Dribbble, you can easily share your work with employers and find the most relevant job opportunities. This website contains numerous projects for UI & UX designers, product designers, Visual designers, brand designers, etc.

Current Market Value For Dribbble: Dribbble is a social networking site for graphic designers, web designers, and other creative professionals. It allows its members to share their work, get feedback from other designers, and find new job opportunities.

Dribbble has a current market value of $2.5 million. This is based on the recent sale of the company to CNCF, a venture capital firm.

Signup Link: https://dribbble.com/

4) Coroflot


Coroflot is a great way to find a job as a web designer, fashion designer, art director, or creative director. With Coroflot, you can easily connect with opportunities around the world. Plus, your personal information and salary remain confidential.

Current Market Value For Coroflot: As of October 2019, the current market value for Coroflot is $51.4 million. This is based on the most recent funding round in which Coroflot raised $4.5 million.

Signup Link: https://www.coroflot.com/

Freelance Developers Jobs (Market Places)

1) Angel List

Angel List
Angel List

The Angel List platform is a great way for job seekers to connect with startups. You can use the website to apply for jobs in website and software development, and search for jobs by location, technology, salary, and market. If any company is interested in your service, you will be notified via email.

Current Market Value For Angel List: As of September 2019, the current market value for Angel List is $39.5 billion. This is up from $38.7 billion in August, and $37.1 billion in July.

Angel List is a popular website for startups and investors and has seen a surge in popularity in recent years. The site allows startups to connect with investors, and also allows investors to track their portfolios and see new investment opportunities.

The increase in value for Angel List is due to a number of factors, including the growing popularity of startups and the increasing amount of money being invested in them. In addition, the site has been growing in popularity with both startups and investors and has been adding new features and functionality to appeal to both groups.

With the current market value of Angel List, it is clear that the site is a valuable resource for both startups and investors. The site has a bright future and is poised to continue to grow in popularity and value.

Signup Link: https://angel.co/jobs

2) Gun.io


Gun.io is a place where professional freelancers can find work. Companies looking for freelancers go through a selection process, and so do the developers who are applying for the job. Once you are scrutinized, the team at Gun.io will match your skills with employer’s job. This system helps to ensure a lasting relationship between employees and employers.

Current Market Value For Gun.io: We recently took a look at the current market value for Gun.io and came up with some interesting results. The average price for Gun.io is currently $0.12, which is down significantly from its all-time high of $0.40. However, Gun.io is still up significantly from its lows of $0.02, which it hit earlier this year. Overall, Gun.io seems to be in a bit of a slump at the moment, but it’s still a popular site with a lot of potential.

Signup Link: https://www.gun.io/

3) Storetasker


Storetasker is a freelancer marketplace that makes it easy to find web development jobs. With a simple search, you can find a job that suits your skillset, whether you’re a beginner or more experienced. With Storetasker, you can find jobs like building a new website, customizing it, making a marketing strategy, or debugging an error.

Current Market Value For storetasker.com: StoreTasker.com is a website that helps you find and connect with localtaskers to get help with your in-store tasks.

The current market value for StoreTasker.com is $1,200. This valuation is based on the site’s traffic and revenue, as well as the number of active users and the quality of the taskers on the site.

Signup Link: https://www.storetasker.com/

4) Codeable


The Codeable site is a great way to find a job as a WordPress developer. Here, you can use your programming skills to solve issues related to WordPress. The team working for this site will match your skills with the recruiter’s needs before assigning you work.

Current Market Value For Codeable: As of September 2019, the current market value for Codeable is $100. This is based on the company’s most recent funding round of $10 million, which valued the company at $100 million. Codeable is a provider of on-demand coding services. The company was founded in 2012 and is based in San Francisco, California.

Signup Link: https://codeable.io/freelancers/

5) Gigster


Gigster is a freelance site that helps web developers and software developers find their job. It has a screening process that makes it easier to match freelancers with projects. The team at Gigster handles sales and administrative parts so that you can focus on your job.

Current Market Value For gigster.com: Gigster is a technology company that provides on-demand software development services. The company was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California. As of October 2018, the company had raised a total of $107 million in funding.

Gigster’s current market value is $107 million. The company has raised a total of $107 million in funding, and its last funding round was in October 2018.

Signup Link: https://gigster.com/

Freelance Video Editors Jobs (Market Places)

1) ProductionHUB


ProductionHUB is a great website for video editors to showcase their work and connect with potential clients. All you have to do is create a profile and you can start applying for jobs, whether they be full time or part time.

Current Market Value For productionhub.com: As of September 2019, the current market value for productionhub.com is $1,206,250. This website is a great resource for finding production companies and services in your area. The website is also a great way to find crew members for your production.

2) Media Bistro

Media Bistro
Media Bistro

Media Bistro offers a variety of freelancing jobs in categories like writing and editing. If you have some knowledge of managing social media or editing content, you can easily find work on the platform.

Current Market Value For Media Bistro: In recent years, the website Media Bistro has become a popular go-to source for media and entertainment professionals. The website offers industry news, job postings, and educational resources, among other things. Because of its popularity and usefulness, Media Bistro is considered a valuable resource in the industry, and its current market value is estimated to be around $200 million.

Signup Link: https://www.mediabistro.com/

3) Mandy


The Mandy website is a great resource for finding TV and film production jobs. You can find a variety of jobs on the site, including composer, casting assistant, editor, and more. The site is easy to use and you can be sure that you’ll only find jobs that are relevant to your skills and interests.

Current Market Value For mandy.com: The current market value for mandy.com is $1,600. This is based on the domain’s age, traffic, backlinks, and other factors. The value could go up or down in the future based on changes to these and other factors.

Signup Link: https://www.mandy.com/

4) Stage 32

Stage 32
Stage 32

Stage 32 is a site that helps creative people in television, film, and theatre to start a career in video editing. This site has many jobs for short film, documentary editor, film production designer, screenwriter, and more.

Current Market Value For stage32.com: According to MarketWatch.com, the current market value for stage32.com is $2,645,000. This valuation is based on the site’s estimated traffic and revenue, as well as the value of comparable sites.

Signup Link: https://www.stage32.com/welcome/

5) Assemble


Assemble is a network of creatives, including directors, creative videographers, editors, motion artists, etc. Assemble provides a seamless collaboration facility to both employers and those seeking a freelancing job opportunity.

Current Market Value For assemble.tv: The current market value for Assemble.tv is estimated to be around $200 million. This is based on the recent funding rounds that the company has raised, as well as the current valuation of similar companies in the space. Assemble.tv is a social media platform that allows users to create and share videos with friends and family. The company has been growing rapidly and is currently one of the most popular video-sharing platforms.

Signup Link: https://www.assemble.tv/

Freelance Graphics Job (Market Place)

1) Behance


Behance is a great platform for graphic designers who are looking for full-time work, freelancing opportunities, or internships. You can search for jobs in a variety of categories, including architecture, branding, fashion, illustration, photography, and more. Behance supports designers from a variety of countries, including the USA, Afghanistan, Belgium, Australia, Canada, and more.

Current Market Value For Behance: According to recent estimates, Behance is currently valued at around $150 million. This valuation is based on a number of factors, including the company’s current revenue and growth potential. While Behance is not currently profitable, it is one of the fastest-growing companies in the design industry and is quickly gaining ground on its competitors. With a strong focus on creative professionals and a growing user base, Behance is well-positioned to continue its rapid growth in the coming years.

Signup Link: https://www.behance.net/

Freelance Marketing Jobs (Market Place)

1) Zirtual


Zirtual is a great way to find full-time work, especially if you’re looking to work remotely. There are many different categories of marketing that you can find work in, including email management, scheduling, researching, event planning, etc. However, it’s important to note that employers on Zirtual only hire candidates who live in the United States.

Current Market Value For Zirtual: Zirtual is an online virtual assistant company that was founded in 2011 and offers a range of services including administrative support, customer service, and social media management. The company has been valued at $200 million.

Signup Link: https://www.zirtual.com/jobs

2) Clickworker


Clickworker is a great platform for marketers who want to work independently with a flexible schedule. You can sign up for free, and then start working from your PC or mobile phone with an internet connection. You can decide how much you want to work and when you want to work, making it a great option for freelancers.

Current Market Value For Clickworker: Clickworker is a website that allows businesses to find and hire freelance workers for various tasks, such as data entry, content creation, and online research.

The current market value for Clickworker is $0.25 per task. This means that if a business needs someone to do a simple task that takes less than one minute, they will pay $0.25 for that task.

Businesses are willing to pay for simple tasks to be completed quickly and efficiently. Clickworker is a valuable resource for businesses that need to get tasks done quickly and efficiently.

Signup Link: https://www.clickworker.com/

Virtual Assistant Jobs (Market Place)

1) Fancy Hands

Fancy Hands
Fancy Hands

Fancy Hands is currently hiring virtual assistants to work in the US. The tasks available include data entry, food delivery, call center work, lead generation, and scheduling appointments. If you have good internet research skills and are good on the phone, you can quickly get hired by an employer through Fancy Hands. The pay for each task ranges from $3.00 to $7.00.

Current Market Value For Fancy Hands: Fancy Hands is a great tool for getting things done, but what is it worth?

The current market value for Fancy Hands is $2.4 million. This tool can help you with tasks big and small, making it a valuable asset for any business. Whether you need help with customer service, scheduling, or even just getting things done around the office, Fancy Hands is there to help.

Signup Link: https://www.fancyhands.com/

Freelance Writing Jobs (Market Place)

1) Blogging Pro

Blogging Pro
Blogging Pro

If you’re looking for a job in blogging, content editing, technical writing, or story writing, Blogging Pro is a great resource. It’s a free website that enables you to make a career as a blogger. This company helps bloggers and freelancers to find the job they are looking for. You can post the job in Blogging Pro, and you can get a response within 2-3 days.

Current Market Value For bloggingpro.com: $15,000 – $20,000

This website is a great resource for bloggers who are looking to improve their skills and grow their blog. It covers a wide range of topics, from SEO to social media to content marketing. If you’re looking to take your blog to the next level, bloggingpro.com is a great place to start.

2) Pro Blogger

Pro Blogger
Pro Blogger

Pro Blogger is a great website for freelancers to find work from home. You can easily create a resume on Pro Blogger and save and bookmark jobs. One benefit of this website is that you can manage job alerts. Pro Blogger has a dashboard to manage the jobs you have applied for.

Signup Link: https://problogger.com/jobs/

3) Due


Due is a freelancer website for technical writers. You can write useful guides on payments, Blockchain currency, invoicing, and more. This site helps you to launch your career and to get freelance jobs of your interest.

Current Market Value For due.com: As of March 2019, the current market value for due.com is $2,000,000. This valuation is based on the sale of comparable domain names, the production cost of the website, and the traffic and earnings of the website.

Signup Link: https://due.com/freelancer/

4) PubLoft


At PubLoft, we connect talented freelance writers with awesome companies. But before you can start working with any of our clients, you’ll need to pass our vetting process. Once you’re approved, you’ll get paid every other week. So no more worrying about your monthly income!

Current Market Value For PubLoft: PubLoft is a content marketing platform that connects businesses with talented freelance writers. The company has a current market value of $21.3 million.

Signup Link: https://publoft.com/applyto/partner

5) Freelance Writing

Freelance Writing
Freelance Writing

FreelanceWriting.com is a great resource for finding writing jobs for freelancers. You can easily filter the job postings by the type of job you’re interested in and your level of experience. This website is free to use for anyone who is looking for a job as an instructional designer, technical writer, automotive writer, production editor, or any other type of writer.

Current Market Value For freelancewriting.com: As of September 2020, the current market value for freelancewriting.com is estimated to be around $2.4 million. The website is a popular platform for freelance writers to connect with clients and find work. The estimated value is based on the website’s traffic, revenue, and other factors.

Signup Link: https://www.freelancewriting.com/

6) All Freelance Writing

All Freelance Writing
All Freelance Writing

All Freelance Writing is a great site for finding a freelance writing job that’s right for you. With its easy-to-use search filters, you can narrow down your options by job type, date, and payment range. So whether you’re looking for your first freelance writing gig or you’re a seasoned pro, All Freelance Writing has you covered.

Current Market Value For allfreelancewriting.com: $24,000

Allfreelancewriting.com is a website that offers resources for freelance writers, including a blog, job board, and articles on the business of freelance writing. The site has been active since 2008 and has a strong following among freelance writers.

The current market value for allfreelancewriting.com is $24,000. This is based on the value of similar websites, the age and popularity of the site, and the quality of the content.

Signup Link: https://allfreelancewriting.com/

7) Freelance Writing Gigs

Freelance Writing Gigs
Freelance Writing Gigs

Freelance Writing Gigs is a great way to find writing jobs, online content jobs, editing jobs, blogger jobs, publishing jobs, and more. You can also do these jobs on a remote basis, which is perfect if you want to work from home. The job board is updated in weekdays, so be sure to check back often for new clients who are willing to pay you for your writing skills.

Current Market Value For freelancewritinggigs.com: The current market value for freelancewritinggigs.com is $2,695.

Signup Link: https://www.freelancewritinggigs.com/

8) Writer Access

Writer Access
Writer Access

Writer Access is a pool of freelance editors, writers, content strategists, as well as translators who are based in the United States, Australia, Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom, etc. Clients can choose to pay based on research needed and project complexity. If you are a beginner, then this company will offer free content marketing training.

Current Market Value For writeraccess.com: The current market value for writeraccess.com is $3,000.

Signup Link: https://www.writeraccess.com/talent-overview/

9) Text Broker

Text Broker
Text Broker

If you’re just starting your career as a writer, Text Broker can give you access to lots of different writing opportunities on lots of different topics. You just have to choose when and how much content you want to write. With this platform, there’s no limit to how much money you can earn. However, there are different payment conditions for different authors based on the order.

Current Market Value For textbroker.com: The current market value for textbroker.com is $1,210,000.

Signup Link: https://www.textbroker.com/authors

Freelance Testing Jobs (Market Place)

1) Testbirds


Testbirds is a site where you can get paid to test websites and apps. You’ll get extra money for finding bugs. This freelance gig lets you choose to work during the day or at night.

Current Market Value For nest.testbirds.com: The current market value for nest.testbirds.com is $2,500.

2) User Feel

User Feel
User Feel

User Feel is a website testing platform that offers gigs in multiple languages. For example, testers can submit reviews in their native language. To become a tester, you need to register on the site and pass a qualification test. This is an initial process for freelancing work as a tester.

Current Market Value For userfeel.com: The current market value for Userfeel.com is $1,920,000.

Signup Link: https://www.userfeel.com/

3) User Testing

User Testing
User Testing

User Testing is a great way to earn some extra money. All you need is a PC, microphone and an internet connection. You must have a PayPal account to receive your payment. Once you complete your website testing task, you will get your payment in a few days.

Current Market Value For usertesting.com: The current market value for UserTesting.com is $2,000,000.

Signup Link: https://www.usertesting.com/get-paid-to-test

If you’re looking for ways to make some extra money, the above list should help you out. There are many different ways to earn money, so take a look at the list and see what might work best for you. You could also look into other ways to make money that aren’t on the list. Whatever you do, make sure you research the options and find something that’s legitimate and that you’re comfortable with. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Freelance Work?

Freelance work refers to a professional work or service provided by an individual or agency without being committed as an employee. A freelance worker is a self-employed professional service provider who remotely provides various services, such as programming, web design, graphic design, writing, video production, music, translating, etc.

Which Freelancing Sites are best for Beginners?

Following are some of the best sites to start freelancing for beginners:

Should you Sign Up for multiple Freelancing sites?

You can sign up for multiple freelancing sites to get more opportunities, but this will also result in handling multiple accounts, managing bids, communicating with multiple clients, solving current queries, managing deadlines, and more time managing stuff. If you can manage all this stuff together, then you are good to go. You can also analyse all the platforms and stick with two or three platforms, which give you the best output so that you can constantly deliver your best work.

What are the Pros and Cons of Freelancing?

Following are the pros and cons of Freelancing:

Pros of Freelancing:Cons of Freelancing:
Flexible work hours and freedom of work locationInconsistency of work and payout
Selection of clients whom you want to work withYou have to constantly find new clients for regular work
No commute which benefits in time and costYou may need to handle multiple clients at the same time
You can earn as much as you canNo extra benefits as the company employees
Ability to work for projects which you are passionate aboutNo leaves granted
No uniform and no office politicsIsolation and lack of structure in work
How to select the best Freelance Market Place?

To select the best Freelance Market Place, consider the following factors:
1. Try to find a freelance Market Place that is more specific based on your skills rather than a general freelance Market Place
2. Carefully go through the operations of the freelance Market Place
3. Read all the terms and conditions of the freelance Market Place carefully before signing up
4. Customer Support
5. Commission fees
6. Payment modes available
7. It is good to research about the freelance Market Place from forums and people who are already working with that Market Place before signing up

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